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Skull Base Surgery, Otology, Neurotology, Hearing and Balance

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Skull Base Surgery, Neurotology, Hearing and Balance

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Hearing Aid Technology

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About Us

Welcome to UC Irvine: Department of Audiology

When you visit UC Irvine: Department of Audiology, you can trust that you will receive care that is tailored to your individual patient needs. We provide a full range of diagnostic and hearing aid services for patients of all ages.
As a University Medical Center, our services are unique to the Southern California area. Our patients are able to enjoy services, resources, and care that is not available elsewhere.

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Personalized Patient Needs

Comprehensive Evaluations

Several different testing methods designed to
get a full picture of hearing, balance, and more. You’ll receive care from a doctoral-level Audiologist and a specifically trained Hearing Instrument Specialist. We also work with our two Neurotologists to provide the best possible medical and ancillary care.

Pediatric Testing

Screenings, response tests, emissions tests, reflex tests, and more in order to promote childhood development. Every patient’s needs are personalized, regardless of age.

Hearing Aid Evaluations

We determine the best type of hearing aid for you and handle all testing, fitting, and adjustments, and provide a full range of diagnostic and hearing aid services.

Cochlear Implants

We determine if a cochlear implant will work better for your type of hearing loss, in order to improve your communication.


Please call to confirm your specific plan.

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Orange Location

101 City Dr. South, Pavilion II, Orange, CA 92868

Irvine Location

250 E. Yale Loop, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92604



The staff here is wonderful. They go out of their way to assist elderly patients who need specialized care. This is something that can be hard to find!


This location is beyond the rest! I had a great experience here. The staff was polite and I felt like I was really listened to. The audiologist that I saw was genuinely interested in solving my hearing issue, and now I can hear better than ever before.


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