Do hearing aids solve your hearing issues?

NO. Hearing aids are part of what helps improve your communication needs, but there is no “cure” for hearing loss. Hearing aids work with what is left of a damaged system.

Why are some hearing aids more expensive than others?

Some hearing aids have more automatic/advanced features – they work more like the human ear than others. The smarter the hearing aid, the more efficiently it can perform in noise.

Why does it matter who fits my hearing aids? Why can’t I find the cheapest option? Or just purchase them online?

Success with hearing aids is more about the provider who is programming and counseling through the process than it is just about what a circuit can do. Without the right support, a hearing impaired person will not get the most benefit from hearing technology. Hearing aids do not work like glasses, you cannot just put them on and not think about them again.

What is the difference between an Audiologist and a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

An Audiologist has a Doctoral Degree and has studied the ear and balance system for 4 years, following a Bachelor’s Degree. A Hearing Instrument Specialist does not have a specific degree and works exclusively with hearing aids. The best situation is when they both work together to create a cohesive team, as opposed to a hearing instrument specialist without audiological support.