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Made by one of the top hearing aid manufacturers in the world, ReSound hearing aids are known for their innovative designs and features.

These hearing aids include unique features that may produce a more dynamic hearing experience for wearers, such as Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) and Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS).

ReSound also produced the first iPhone-friendly hearing aids. This manufacturer offers products that can help both children and adults with various degrees of hearing loss.


ReSound Hearing Aids: The Basics

All ReSound hearing aids offer three technology levels for each available hearing aid platform. The manufacturer’s latest models all have Made for iPhone (MFi) technology included as well. This allows hearing aids to be connected with mp3 players and mobile devices to allowing hearing impaired individuals to hear music and phone conversations with better clarity. LiNX 3D models have convenient rechargeable options. Certain models have remote adjusting capabilities that allow an audiologist to perform some adjustments from the comfort of your own home without the need for an office visit. Recent ReSound models include:

  • LiNX 3D
  • LiNX2 (includes models for all levels of tinnitus)
  • Enya
  • Enzo 3D (behind-the-ear only)

Understanding ReSound Technology Levels

ReSound’s technology levels are typically designated by numbers. Five is considered good. Some models within this level include directionality features that make it easier to enjoy favorite TV programs and hear one-on-one conversations well in quiet settings.

Seven is described as a “better” level with standard features plus enhanced capabilities with noise and wind reduction. Models within this technology level tend to work well for wearers likely to be in various quiet and noisy hearing environments throughout their day.

Nine is the technology level that applies to ReSound’s premium models. These devices have advanced versions of all available features, including improved wind and noise reduction and directionality algorithms. Models with this level of technology are recommended for wearers wising to hear well in all environments while also having access to the latest technology capabilities.

Pediatric Hearing Aids for Children and Teens

ReSound has some models that are designed with the unique needs of children and teens with hearing loss in mind. The direct audio input (DAI) feature, for instance, can be helpful for kids needing to hear better in classroom settings. Smart hearing aids from ReSound can be appealing to teens who heavily rely on their various devices for communication, interaction, and entertainment.

Super Power and Special Needs Hearing Aids

If you are living with profound hearing loss, you may benefit from the Enzo2, one of ReSound’s product lines with devices that may help wearers with severe hearing impairments. ReSound also has products that address certain needs, like what’s available with the LiNX2 line. These devices have a tinnitus sound generator feature on all hearing aid styles. Additionally, the company makes an assortment of accessories and assistive listening devices.

An audiologist can determine if you would likely benefit from ReSound hearing aids. Factors that affect this decision include results from a hearing aid evaluation and related hearing tests and the type of hearing loss you are experiencing. If cost is a concern, ReSound’s Enya line is budget-pleasing yet still designed to provide essential features at two technology levels.

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