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Phonak products are noted for being easy to use and accessible to patients with a wide range of hearing-related problems.

Available in more than a hundred countries around the world, Phonak hearing aids and related products are designed to help wearers enjoy all aspects of their lives with improved clarity. The company designates its products with the letters “B” and “V” to identify generations, with “B” being the company’s latest hearing aids. Newer models have better battery reliability and they can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.


Phonak’s Different Technology Levels

As is the case with other hearing aid manufacturers, Phonak offers multiple technology levels in varying price ranges. The brand’s Essential hearing aids (V30 or B30) have eight channels that allow for convenient and easy customization. Products within this level can work well for patients with basic hearing needs.

The Standard hearing aids from Phonak (V50 or B50) offer 12 channels for hearing aid customization. Models within this technology level can be a smart choice for budget-conscious patients whose lifestyle typically includes quiet settings, watching TV, talking with friends and loved ones on the phone, and enjoying conversations among smaller groups.

Advanced hearing aids from this manufacturer (V70 or B70) include all of the features from the Essential and Standard technology levels plus speech intelligibility enhancements, music program capabilities, and features that help minimize wind noise. With 16 channels, these hearing aid models allow for more customization to accommodate wearers needing increased clarity in nosier environments.

The company’s Premium technology level hearing aids (V90 or B90) include all available features. Bonus capabilities include improved speech recognition in cars and integration with other audio devices. With 20 programming channels, models within this technology level are adaptable to many different indoor and outdoor environments.

Tinnitus Feature

All Phonak hearing aid styles and technology levels include a tinnitus feature. An audiologist can help with the proper use of this feature, which is typically used as part of a more comprehensive tinnitus management program that may include biofeedback and dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

Pediatric/Specialty Hearing Aids

Pediatric hearing aids from Phonak are known for their product and support excellence. The company’s current pediatric line, Sky V, is intended for young wearers with mild through profound hearing loss. This line also includes an assortment of colorful styles likely to appeal to infants, children, and teens. Available in four different technology levels and receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear styles, the Naida V line includes specialty products for adults with severe to profound hearing loss.

For patients with single-sided deafness, Phonak’s CROS II and the CROS B hearing aids may provide the desired results. They are specially fitted with a receiver that goes into the healthy ear and a microphone that goes into the affected ear to help with detection of sound direction and speech clarity. Lyric is an extended wear model that can be safely left in place for months at a time.

In addition to hearing aids, Phonak makes wireless accessories that can make it easier for patients having difficult hearing in classroom settings, from a distance, or in noisier environments. Other auditory improvement devices from Phonak allow users to link hearing aids to stream television or listen to various audio signals. Some products are designed to stream mobile calls to hearing aids to improve conversation comprehension. An audiologist can perform a full hearing aid evaluation to determine which Phonak hearing aid model, style, and technology level may benefit you.

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