Oticon Offers Hearing Solutions for Every Budget and Preference!

Oticon makes hearing aids in all sizes in varying price ranges.

Oticon offers an assortment of hearing aids that address many different issues related to various types of hearing loss affecting children and adults. This manufacturer is known for producing products that incorporate state-of-the-art technology with newer innovations.

While most people do benefit from hearing aids, the key to enjoying the desired results is to select a device that has the right combination of function and comfort. If you are considering Oticon products, here are your options.


Hearing Aids Available from Oticon

More recent models like the Opn line come in three different technology levels: premium, best, and better. The Alta2, Nera2, and Ria2 lines include models that are receiver-in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, completely in the canal, and invisible in the canal. Many Oticon models have features that:

  • Reduce ambient noises
  • Help with differentiating sounds and picking out speech signals
  • Improve overall comfort
  • Allow for compatibility with mobile devices

Different Oticon Technology Levels

Oticon’s hearing aids are available in several different technology levels. The ones at the Premium level feature the manufacturer’s best technology and latest innovations. For instance, the Opn premium models include a chip that helps reduce excess noise to improve hearing clarity in both indoor and outdoor environments. Premium products are better suited for wearers preferring the greatest range of features, like integration, streaming options, and flexibility in various hearing situations.

For wearers with an active lifestyle, Oticon’s performance models can be adjusted to various sound levels and configurations. The Alta2, for example, can help improve comprehension in both quieter environments and situations where there are multiple sounds and conversions.

Mid-range hearing aids from Oticon, such as the Nera2, are designed to meet the needs of patients with less severe hearing loss typically in less challenging communication environments. Even with fewer bands of frequencies, however, hearing aids within this technology level can still be configured at different levels.

Oticon’s hearing aids like the Ria2 have basic technology features. These well-designed models are intended for wearers happy with a less active lifestyle with types of hearing loss that are easier to fit. A typical wearer within this technology level mostly enjoys one-on-one conversations or activities in quieter settings like watching television.

Solutions for Wearers with Tinnitus

Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 are the Oticon models that can adjusted to include a feature to help wearers with tinnitus. The special feature for tinnitus works by producing subtle and soothing ocean noises to help block out persistent ringing or other uncontrollable and recurring sounds.

Oticon’s Pediatric Hearing Aids

Children with mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss shouldn’t have any trouble finding an Oticon pediatric hearing aid that addresses their specific needs. The Sensei can work well for children needing to hear better in both home environments and classroom settings. Younger children or teens with severe-to-profound hearing loss may benefit from the Sensei SP (super power) model. These behind-the-ear hearing aids designed with children in mind include features such as:

  • Dust and water resistance
  • Durable and tamper-resistant battery compartments
  • LED lights showing that hearing aids are functioning
  • Resistance to damage from accidental drops

Oticon also manufacturers hearing aids for adults needing advanced audio capabilities. Available in four technology levels, these behind-the-ear Dynamo models from Oticon produce added sound amplification. A larger size battery is needed, although it doesn’t add noticeable bulk. All products from this manufacturer are compatible with the company’s various assistive listening devices (ALDs). As for which one to choose, an audiologist can perform a hearing aid assessment to help you make a well-informed decision.

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